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The Vintage Fascination
"Vintage Passion" - this is the name of the new opti area. In hall C1 (!HOT area) you can find classics in the spotlight which transmit a certain zeitgeist since originals are still in high demand. The annual reunion of collectors from Europe, admirers, opticians and designers is accompanied by the daily talks at the opti forum, such as the daily vintage-summit or the daily "design icon meets design rookie" talk. But what does vintage actually mean? Which effects does this trend have on opticians and the industry? And why does retro make people happy? A design expert, a social psychologist and a designer answer these questions.

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Genomineerden  en Winnaars Silmo d'Or 2016


CATEGORIE « MONTURE OPTIQUE »                                                                                                                               BLAKE KUWAHARA avec « Kahn  FROD’s LUNETTERIE avec « FR 0704 Lucifrod’S»  K3 Eyewear avec « H22 »  MASAHIRO MARUYAMA avec «Broken»  THEO Eyewear avec « Rowing Boat »

BLACKFIN avec « BF 801 Slot Sun »  GOLD & WOOD avec «Eva 01.02 »  KUBORAUM avec «Maske E3 »  LUCAS de STAËL avec « Vivarium »  PARASITE Design avec « C25 »

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Store Awards tijdens Mido, Milaan

Tijdens de Mido Milaan werden voor het eerst internationale optiekzaken bekroond. Steingasse 14 uit Heidelberg ontving de eerste prijs. L'Osservatorio in Milaan eindigde op de tweede plaats en Black Optical uit Tulsa Oklahoma, USA ontving de derde prijs.

Steingasse 14 uit Heidelberg, Duitsland ontving de eerste prijs

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Good Design Award for Rolf Topolino

400ROLF Spectacles face TOPOLINO good design award 001ederrobert

The Topolino from the ROLF Spectacles evolved collection has won the renowned GOOD DESIGN Award. The model’s design is reminiscent of the Italian classic car which is its namesake. The original Topolino was one of the smallest cars in the world at the time of its production. “Topolino” translates to “little mouse” and is also the Italian name for Mickey Mouse. (photo: Eder Robert)

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MIDO Milano Eyewear Show 2016  

Fiera Milano Rho February 27 – 29

BESTORE AWARD: The finest optical stores in the world

MIDO, the International Optics Optometry and Ophthalmology Exhibition is setting its countdown clock. The 45th Mido edition was indeed the record-breaking one with 49.000 visitors during the three-day event, + 8,7% over the previous edition, considerable larger exhibition space (+10%) and 150 new exhibitors.

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OPTI München 2017

Zaterdag 28 t/m maandag 30 Januari 

De komende Opti München, wordt gehouden van zaterdag 28 t/m maandag 30 januari 2017. De reden voor deze verschuiving is de nieuwbouw van twee hallen op het beursterrein.  

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