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What an honor! At this year’s presentation of the Optician Awards in Birmingham, the DC05 sunglasses from the Götti Perspective collection received the “2018 Frame of the Year” award.

400gotti P DOMINIKA LAMP sun

400gottiproductDCS05 gold lightgreen

The sunglasses are characterized by a captivating style, design, color combination as well as impressive technical aspects. They are in a class of their own. The design language is clear and kept to a minimum. All individual components are constructed from a kind of construction kit and are put together without soldering or screws. The hinge and glass connection are technical innovations. At the heart of the frame is a polyamide connector that is manufactured using 3D printing. This enables a stable connection between the lenses and the frame, while also providing protection for the glass elements at the same time.
“For me, rimless glasses are the most prestigious discipline in the design of glasses. Achieving the technical requirements with so few materials took over eight years of development. We are very pleased that the jury has honored this innovation with this award,” says designer and owner, Sven Götti.

400gottidarkP DOMINIKA sorry sun

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