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New stars in the opti-verse

Around 600 stars will light up the Fairground Munich from the 12th to the 14th January, 2018. The companies will present their top trends from the optical industry at the beginning of the year at opti. In addition to exhibitors that have used opti as their stage for years, visitors can also expect a range of newcomers who are presenting themselves for the first time in Munich. The following are a few examples of the new stars in the opti-verse.

David Green Eyewear

Bringing nature into the cities is the goal of David Green Eyewear. In Munich, the company from South Africa's Cape Town is presenting eyeglass frames made of leaves and reeds imbedded in natural materials. "Each piece is unique, unique by nature," says David Green. His new collection will celebrate its world premiere in January in Munich. Furthermore, opti is the first trade show in Europe where David Green Eyewear will be a guest exhibitor. "We would like to appoint distributors for our unique concept and brand based in Europe," according to Green, "and our intent is to have our brand represented in Optometrists who have a high level of interaction with their clients - and who can tell our brand story with similar passion to what we do."

Monogram Eyewear

Noble, contemporary, innovative and unique - these are the words Bassel Kabak uses to describe the collections from Monogram Eyewear. "Monogram is the first high end brand coming from Dubai reflecting Dubai cosmopolitan touches," he says. Each frame is manually crafted using sophisticated materials. Monogram Eyewear will celebrate its first appearance in Europe at opti. "It is the leading fair when it comes to handmade, beautiful, exclusive and quality products - Monogram is all about the above," according to Kabak. That is why it is the right place to say "Hello" to Europe. Aside from their 2018 collection, "three new technical concepts that will stay confidential until the event day" will also be launched.

Gernot Lindner

Gernot Lindner places great importance on real value and the eyeglass frames made of 925 sterling silver that he will present with MIBA Eyewear at opti are an expression of this. He reports that three years of development were required to develop the special product. The GL silver glasses stand for absolute quality and are also a statement against the hunt for ever-cheaper products, according to Lindner, who has been in the eyeglasses business for over 50 years and founded the company Lunor at the beginning of the 90s. The MIBA Eyewear collection, which will be shown for the first time at opti, includes models made of pure 925 sterling silver, a combination of silver and acetate, as well as rimless models. All components, even the custom cases made of wood, are produced in Germany.

Von Arkel

Comfortably set in the Swiss city of Morges and not far from the cradle of eyewear manufacturing in France, located in Morez, Von Arkel combines the "French eyewear tradition and the elegance of Swiss fine watchmaking". As Christophe Kozma puts it, Von Arkel stands for proven durability over time, precision and technicality. Their iconic and distinctive feature is clearly the "Caliber" hinge, which is embedded in the frames made of titanium, acetate and buffalo horn. "Before, we mainly focused on the Swiss and the Overseas market," he says. At opti, they want to reach optometrists from Germany and Northern Europe. "opti has established a very strong reputation. A lot of Swiss opticians praise it as the trade show where to make purchases and where to find the right brands."

Massada Eyewear

Massada Eyewear from Switzerland will show new additions to the current collection, eyeglass frames made of titanium and acetate at opti. They are distinguished by high quality and remarkable design, Chris Mastalerz explains. "These are timeless models which are off main-stream classic with a twist," Mastarlerz explains further that opti represents the market which is very suitable for the brand. Many retailers shopping at opti appreciate "new luxury" - a return to a time where products could be trusted to give greatest value to those using the products that they buy.

There will be nearly 600 exhibitors at opti, which will be held from 12th to 14th January 2018 at Fairground Messe Munich. Visitors can find information about all exhibitors in the online catalogue at www.opti.de  

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